How to get followers on Instagram organically?

get followers on Instagram organically

If you are an influencer or creator, you should know that buying Instagram followers Singapore is a good thing you can do. The reason these help brands make better decisions when choosing creators for their campaigns. But do not worry! There are still ways to get more followers on Instagram organically and here we tell you how to achieve it with 7 easy-to-apply techniques.

1.   Share Reels on your Instagram account

If we start with the internal tools of Instagram we find the Reels. This short, dynamic, and viral content format has a great advantage: it is not only shown to your audience but to a large number of potential followers.

To gain followers with the Reels you have two options. First, join the trends of challenges, songs, and effects that are in fashion. The second is to create 100% original videos to publicize the type of content you post on Instagram and thus grow your audience.

2.   Publish some of your content using Collabs

Another internal tool is Collabs. And how can you get more followers on Instagram using it? The advantage of this function is that it allows us to publish collaborations with other creators and the content is shared both in our feed and in the other user’s feed.

If you create content in collaboration with other creators, influencers, photographers, or artists, publish it with Collabs. The result? Your posts will appear in your partner’s feed and their followers will be able to discover your account and follow you.

3.   Use the sticker in your Instagram Stories

Yes, another internal Instagram tool with which you can get more followers. This sticker, allows us to join a kind of challenge or theme within Instagram stories with thousands of users.

The advantage? Absolutely all users who click on the sticker can see the stories of the creators who have participated. Therefore, if you use it creatively or humorously, you can take advantage of it to get your account discovered and get more followers.

4.   Optimize your content to appear in the Instagram

Have you searched Instagram by topic or category of content? And the same application has suggested some accounts to you? Well, search engine optimization (SEO) is something you can do on Instagram so that your account and content are suggested with certain keywords.

Yes, on Instagram you can do SEO so that you appear in the first results of a search. To do this, you must optimize the name and description of your profile, as well as the captions and hashtags of your publications.

5.   Hold a giveaway to grow your audience

To make a giveaway, you will probably have to invest in the product that you are going to give away and the shipping costs. However, it is still a technique to get followers organically on Instagram since you are not using or paying third-party apps to do it.

Remember, within the rules of your giveaway, you must establish that the participants must follow your account. That’s the goal! If this is the first time you have done this type of giveaway on Instagram, we recommend you follow SingaporeFollowers so you know how to achieve it successfully.

6.   Direct potential followers from your TikTok account

The same thing happens on TikTok as on Instagram: the algorithm shows your content to thousands of people who don’t know or follow you. If you create creative and original content on this platform, you will have more opportunities to direct thousands of potential followers to your Instagram account.

All you have to do is add your Instagram account on TikTok (go to your profile, click Edit profile, and add your Instagram username). If you constantly create content on this platform, we bet that more people will reach your profile, enter your Instagram and follow you so they don’t miss your posts.

7.   Post shareable content to your feed

Have you heard about the photo dump? This is one of the biggest trends in recent months on Instagram and consists of posting photos with apparent nonsense. However, that gives them more value and they get more interactions and even more frequent shares.

How to use it in your favor? Some users post their regular content along with memes, infographics, or images with relevant text. This makes the publication 100% shareable and thus has more opportunities to be discovered and followed by other users.