How to use the Instagram Product Tagging Feature to your advantage?

With more than a billion active users, there is no better platform in the world right now than Instagram when it comes to getting your products in front of your target audience. In recent years, Instagram has added many nifty features that can be incredibly useful for businesses – product tagging is one of them. If you want to know how to use the product tagging feature on Instagram, you are in the right place. In this article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about Instagram product tags and how you can use them to earn rewards for your business. Sit back, book, and read.

What is product tagging on Instagram?

If a user who looks at the content clicks or taps on the tags (depending on the device used to access Instagram), to redirect users to things, Instagram shops.

Instagram product tagging: Why you should consider using the feature

When Instagram launched the product tagging feature, businesses took to it like fish to water, which isn’t surprising when you look at the feature’s following benefits;

Unbuilt reminders:

  •  If you tag a product on Instagram, viewers will be able to see a shopping bag icon in the lower-left corner. Although this shopping bag icon is small and seemingly trivial, it can actually be a shopping reminder to your audience. When users click or tap on the icon, it takes them to an additional page where they can display different pictures of their products.

Reduction in barriers to trade;

  •  Most online shoppers tend to be impatient people, and they want the convenience of being able to buy their expensive products quickly. In such a scenario, your products are likely to be skipped if they experience too many purchasing constraints.  By reducing the barriers to purchase it provides a seamless shopping experience for Instagram users.

Gives users the ability to shop from the bio/highlights:

  •  The “Shop” button below the bio/highlights can work wonders according to engaging users with high levels of purchase intent. By simply clicking or tapping a button, users can browse all your posts in which your products are tagged.

Inform users about promotions and sales:

  •  Is there an exclusive offer or discount on one of your products? You can inform your target audience about it through a shoppable post. When publishing a newsletter, users can explore and find out if there are any attractive offers. This eliminates the need to create separate Instagram posts to inform your audience about promotions.
  • Battle for mobile Instagram users: While Instagram is accessible from desktops and laptops, most users access the platform on their mobile devices. So if you want your business to make a positive impression on the minds of those who prefer to shop when they are on the move, there is nothing better than Instagram product tagging.

The top tips for getting the most out of Instagram product tagging

Now that you know what a product tagging feature is all about and all the ways in which it can benefit your business, it’s time to learn how to leverage the feature to your advantage. It can only be useful if you understand how to use it. In this section, we will take you through various tips to make things look like a boss on Instagram. Putting the following tips into practice can increase the growth of your business sales and income through Instagram:

Omega products across Instagram post categories:

  •  The product tagging feature is available across different Instagram post categories, which is why it’s important to mix up your posts. For example, in regular image posts and in-feed video posts, you have the option of tagging up to 5 products per post. There is also a ‘carousel feature that allows you to add up to 20 product tags per carousel post. Users can view the tagged products when they tap or click the “View Products” link that will be present in the caption. You can also tag products via bio, captions, videos, IGTV, and live posts.

Use orderly and relevant hashtags: 

  • Hashtags play a critical role on Instagram when it comes to getting posts found. If you want your product-tagged pages to show up on the search page, you need to include descriptive hashtags. In addition to making sure the hashtags you use are descriptive, you also need to make sure they are relevant. Quite simply, more relevant hashtags increase the chances of your product-tagged posts being found by your audience, that is, the people who are most likely to buy your products.

Mix user:

  •  So if you want to do well with your emails, you need to access your niche and collaborate. Influencing can provide unique content for your feed that will help you present your products to your audience in a way that resonates with your Instagram audience.

To be tried, to be tried, to be tried:

  •  You don’t need the same tagging practices for all businesses on Instagram, so it’s important to experiment to keep track of what works for you and what doesn’t. Instagram offers analytics tools that you can use to analyze data such as sales, conversions, and click-through rates. 

View product-tagged posts from your personal account:

  •  The best thing to do is to check the quality of your product-tagged posts from your personal account. This will allow you to step into the shoes of your target audience and test your posts from the side. If you’re not satisfied with the type you’ve created, go back to your business page and give it another shot. Also, when viewing product-tagged posts from your personal account, make sure that the links you’ve added redirect users to the right products. While doing this, make sure that there are no mistakes in the wording of the link.

Create an instant in the minds of your target audience by including CTAs:

  •  Today’s consumer is reluctant to act when there is no encouragement on the part of the brand, and therefore all messages must include email messages. When incorporating CTA messages, it is important to choose messages that create a sense of urgency in the mind of your target audience. Get the target audience through our website singaporefollowers. This will increase the likelihood of your audience clicking on the icon and going ahead with purchasing the product.

Take a leaf from the lucky notebook in your corner:

  •  If you are new to Instagram and still not sure how to use the effective tagging feature, don’t worry. You can always learn a thing or two from the brands in your corner who have tasted success using the feature. Go to the pages of these brands and see how they have taken care of their carriers. While we don’t recommend imitating another brand, we definitely recommend learning from the best in your corner and applying their practices through your posts.