This website, singaporefollowers.com is the operator of the services offered. The following are the mandatory terms and conditions for the use of the services that the user will be able to access, as established and established by the current legislation on the matter, including Legislative Decree 70/2003 that implemented the EU directive 200 /31 / EC on electronic commerce.

By accessing or using the Website, you agree that you have read, understood, and are bound by the Terms outlined. It is specified that the Terms are a legal agreement that controls the use of the website by visitors and users of the services, therefore, when making the purchase of the products offered on this site, the terms and conditions listed in this will be accepted automatically.

Who can use the website

In order to use our website and/or receive our services, the user must be over the age of 16 or have reached the age of majority as defined in the state of the user’s jurisdiction and possess the legal authority, rights, and freedom to enter into a binding agreement to these Terms. It is not allowed to use this website and/or receive the services provided if this is prohibited in the country itself or in accordance with any law or regulation applicable to the user and his case, if this condition is not observed, the Owner is exonerated from all responsibility.

The service

singaporefollowers.com offers the user the opportunity to increase the interactions and visibility of the account that is provided by Instagram and other major social networks. To access the service, the user can provide a link linked to the profile or photo or to the content that he will want to promote/advertise, Instagram or other social credentials will not be used. To see the requested service activated, the user must make his Profile public.

When the user accesses the payment page, he must complete a mandatory field with the specific request for the provision of the chosen service, which will therefore be processed.

PLEASE NOTE that the user will be directly responsible for any incorrect insertion and this will not allow to request any refund and therefore it will be necessary to place a new order for the requested service (for example, incorrect sending of a link of a photo for the acquisition of followers).

Provision of services and commercial conditions

After the execution of the payment, the order will be processed immediately by sending the purchase request of the product to the external provider for the delivery of the same.
This operation can be completed within 48 hours, barring unforeseen circumstances. Orders equal to or greater than 1000 (followers, likes, views, etc.) could be distributed over several days, so as not to violate the rules imposed by Instagram or other social networks.

For the provision of the service, since it is offered by external providers, once requested, it cannot be blocked, except in very special cases.

In the event that the user does not make the profile public as required and the user will continue to purchase the service, it will not be possible to provide or even refund it.

If the service is provided and in the meantime there is a decrease in followers compared to the requested/purchased quantity, these can normally be reinstated. After the complete delivery of the products, the client has 30 days to request a “Recharge” of the order in the event that any requested activity has disappeared. The customer is also recommended to provide some relevant proof that this activity has disappeared (screenshots, etc.) by sending an email to support@singaporefollowers.com.

The information for any questions about the products, their supply, etc. They can be requested by the user, by sending an email to support@singaporefollowers.com. before making the purchase which, as mentioned, will result in the immediate fulfillment of the order.

Therefore, it is reiterated that after the purchase of the chosen item, the user agrees: (i) to be responsible for reading the characteristics of the product / service before committing to the purchase (ii) the user agrees to enter into a legally binding contract for the purchase of a product / service with payment that causes the payment process to continue and does not normally provide a refund.
It is also specified that the service can be provided only for an indicated link, if the user decides to insert more links, 1Followers will have the right to choose between the links provided, if the user will buy more in the same order packages, in this case, they can be inserted more links, which obviously must refer to the purchased product.